Open Positions

Campaign of the JSPS PD long term program through CNRS selection

Application deadline via ABG links below is 18th March 2024

Campaign Internship FY – 2024

  • Nomura Lab: Spin-mechanics quantum project.
  • Hirakawa Lab: Quantum cascade cooler fabrication and characterization.
  • Tixier-Mita Lab: Cardiomyocyte electrical-mechanical cell model based on electrical and optical investigations.
  • Matsunaga Lab: Study of endothelial barriers with microvessel models.
  • Matsuhisa Lab: Stretchable multi-electrode array project.
  • B. J. Kim Lab: Advanced porous scaffolds for in vitro vascularization.
  • S. H. Kim Lab: DNA hydrogels for selective capture and subsequent culture of cancer cells.
  • S. H. Kim Lab: Microplasma project.

For more information about the recruitment, see LIMMS booklet.