Laboratory for Integrated

Micro-Mechatronic Systems

International Workshop on Micro/Nano Technology For Energy, Bio-engineering and Bio-sensing with JETMeE Workshop

13th -14th June 2022, Toulouse, France

Dear Sirs/Madams,
On behalf of the INSIS, the engineering division of CNRS, and of the Institute of Industrial Science of the University of Tokyo, the LIMMS direction is glad to invite you to attend the International Workshop on Micro and Nano Systems taking place in LAAS Toulouse on June 13th and 14th, 2022.
Presentations will feature the latest advances in nano- and micro-technologies applied to Biology, Energy, DNA, and Sensors. To join the meeting, please fill in, before May 23rd, the attendance form that you will find on the following link
Please find the agenda of this workshop here. For more information on how to participate, feel free to contact the LIMMS via the email address:
With Our Best Regards,

LIMMS Directors
Sebastian Volz, Masahiro Nomura

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