Laboratory for Integrated

Micro-Mechatronic Systems

Zhongwei Zhang and Shiqian Hu and Qing Xi and Tsuneyoshi Nakayama and Sebastian Volz and Jie Chen and Baowen Li

he ability to control monochromatic and coherent phonons is crucial for many phonon-related applications but remains very challenging. Here, we demonstrate a promising phonon nanocapacitor for storing and emitting phonons, built by the carbon schwarzite based host-guest system (HGS). This phonon nanocapacitor takes advantage of the inherently strong phonon confinement of the hybridized modes in HGS. The monochromaticity and coherence of the stored phonons are well demonstrated via the ultralong phonon lifetime and coherent time. More interestingly, the frequency of the nanocapacitor is widely tunable from gigahertz to several terahertz by engineering the host-guest interaction. Finally, the stored phonons with different polarizations can be emitted separately with the application of uniaxial strain along a particular direction. This work may provide new opportunities for studying the coherent wave …

Tunable phonon nanocapacitor built by carbon schwarzite based host-guest system
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