Laboratory for Integrated

Micro-Mechatronic Systems

Mathieu Danoy and Stéphane Poulain and Yuta Koui and Yannick Tauran and Taketomo Kido and Atsushi Miyajima and Yasuyuki Sakai and Charles Plessy and Eric Leclerc

Liver Sinusoidal Endothelial Cells (LSECs) are an important component of the liver as they compose the microvasculature which allows the supply of oxygen, blood, and nutrients. However, maintenance of those cells in-vitro remains challenging as they tend to rapidly lose some of their characteristics such as fenestration or as their immortalized counterparts present poor characteristics. In this work, human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs) have been differentiated toward an LSECs phenotype. After differentiation, the RNA quantification allowed to demonstrate high expression of specific vascular markers (CD31, CD144, and STAB2). Immunostaining performed on the cells were found to be positive for both Stabilin-1 and Stabilin-2. Whole transcriptome analysis performed with the nanoCAGE method further confirmed the overall vascular commitment of the cells. The gene expression profile revealed the …

Transcriptome profiling of hiPSCs-derived LSECs with nanoCAGE
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