Laboratory for Integrated

Micro-Mechatronic Systems

Yurii M Chumakov and Mehmet Fatih Mintaş and Imameddin R Amiraslanov and Sebastian Volz and Samir N Mammadov and Nazim T Mamedov and Tofig G Mammadov and Masato Ishikawa and Kazuki Wakita and MirHasan Yu Seyidov

In this paper, the authors report first‐principles calculations of the Seebeck coefficient in TlInSe2. Experimental measurements demonstrate that TlInSe2 is characterized by giant values of the Seebeck coefficient at the temperature region of 320–430 K. To get insight on significant enhancement of Seebeck coefficient under temperature changing the density functional theory (DFT) and the Boltzmann transport equation are applied to calculate the semiclassical transport coefficients for TlInSe2 and its constructed models. The molecular dynamic simulations of 2 × 2 × 2 and 1 × 1 × 8 superlattices of TlInSe2, the TlInSe2_118a, TlInSe2_118b, TlInSe2_222a, TlInSe2_222b structures are performed to study their behavior in both “bulk” and “chain – like” modes. It is found that the distortions of InSe4 tetrahedra and displacements of Tl atom lead to formation of Tl–Se covalent bonds. The “bulk” TlInSe2_222b …

Synthesis, Powder X‐Ray Diffraction, and Ab Initio Study of TlInSe2: Analysis of Its Thermoelectric Properties
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