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Laurent Jalabert


Joined LIMMS in Tokyo in 2008 as permanent CNRS Research Engineer, hosted in Pr. H. Fujita lab. He developed MEMS operated in-situ TEM (Transmission Electron Microscope) and studied atomic heat transfer through a silicon junction made in-situ UHV-TEM. In 2017, he joined LIMMS again as technical support for the UMI and host labs. He is currently developing home-made instrumentations for nanoscale heat transfer (3-omega method) and energy harvesting (thermoelectricity), as well as advanced nanosensors operated in micro fluidics cavities (N. Clement).
(Research engineer)
Nomura Lab
Host Professor: Pr. Nomura
Keywords: Instrumentation


  • Ballistic heat transport
  • Nanoscale heat conduction
  • Phononic crystals
  • Thermoelectrics
  • Nanowires


PhD in Microelectronics and Microsystems from the University of Toulouse (Paul Sabatier) in 2001
Joined LIMMS-CNRS/IIS-UTokyo as a JSPS post-doctorate (2001-2003) and developed piezoresistive cantilevers for measuring the profile inside car injectors, in Pr. T. Masuzawa Lab. He got a Research Engineer permanent position at Institut National Polytechnique Toulouse (INPT)
In 2017, joined LIMMS again as technical support for the UMI and host labs.

Current projects

Ultra  high resolution 3ω instrumentation for multi purpose research

Context & Objectives

Thermal conductivity is an important property of materials for energy management. In phonon engineering at micro-nano scale, both cross-plane and in plane thermal conductivities are needed, especially to understand long distance propagation of heat carriers.

The objective is to detect Surface Phonon Polaritons (SPP) in polar materials, in other words to build ultra high  resolution instrumentation at high temperature in vacuum.


We developed an electrical method called 3m for simultaneous crossplane and in-plane measurements. The system is fully automated by a Labview program and Matlab analysis. The system can conduct about 3000 experiments on a week, by selecting 4 sweeping parameters. The thermal conductivity is computed by advanced analytical models developed by J. Ordonez in our group.




Calibration was performed on borosilicate glass (bulk) with pattemed parallel metal strips (heater and sensor) of L=lmm long, separated by 20μm.

We also measured

  1. 145nm Si membrane,
  2. phononic crystals,
  3. radiations through gaps,
  4. superlattices,
  5. SiN membranes etc.
Laurent Jalabert
in-plane sensing resolution of about 40nK
Laurent Jalabert
Thermal conductivity of glass (cross-plane)


1 ) Robustness of data by repeated experiments, on various devices/materials

2) Participate on the engineering of a prototype for measuring at extreme high temperature, especially for SPP detection.


[1] S. Tachikawa et al., Nanomaterials submitted [2] R_ Anufriev et al., Sci. Reports, submitted


Shot noise experimental setup for (bio)electrochemical systems

Collaborators: Pr. Nomura, Pr Fujii, N. Clement
Keywords: Limms Internal Project, noise


Context & Objectives

Theroretical works developed in the Sensors axis showed that noise adds one more degree of freedom to understand and improve the sensitivity of (bio)electrochemical systems.
The goal is to verify the theoretical model (1_ Madrid) by experiments, and expand its usage in LIMMS for general interest.


We developed an instrumentation for automated noise measurement (Labview/Matlab) using low noise DC sources and amplifiers.

We tested the detection limit of the setup with resistances of 100kΩ, 200kΩ, IMΩ, IOMΩ, for 3 different DC sources, and extract the white noise statistics in real time.


Detection limit was almost achived. Artifact (jump at 0.5V; frequency bandwidth) have been evidenced and explained by the limited performances of the amplifier.

Laurent Jalabert
Laurent Jalabert


New amplifier will be implemented to suppress the artifacts we observed_

The setup will be tried on other devices in Sensors and Energy axis.


[1] Y. Kutovyi et_al_, Sci_Rep_ (2020)


Recent papers

Laurent Jalabert

name: Laurent Jalabert

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