JSPS Post-Doc Position in Pr Minami Lab (Deadline 09/09/2022)

Prof. Minami Lab

Title : Development of an organic transistor-based chemical sensor for multi-target detection

Application :

Deadline : 09/09/2022

Profile of candidate: A research fellow with knowledge of electrical and electronic engineering and organic electronics is preferable. It is not a significant problem if the applicants are unfamiliar with organic chemistry and molecular recognition.

JSPS Post-Doc Position in Pr Takao Someya Lab (Deadline 25/03/2022)

Prof. Takao Someya Lab

Title: Design of fashionable smart apparel with beyond-5G technology for digital health and AR/VR applications.

Application and details

Application deadline : 25/03/2022

Profile of candidate:

– Devices, materials, characterizations, data analysis, applications of the next-generation wearable electronics such as on-skin electronics, smart apparel, and sensor patches.

– Motivated researchers capable of working cooperatively in interdisciplinary fields of wearable technology.

– Interest in industry-academia collaboration desirable.


L’institut de recherche biomédicale et d’innovation de l’université de Tokyo va développer une technologie pour automatiser et simplifier la détermination de la nouvelle infection corona


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