JSPS Post-Doc Position in Pr Kawakatsu Lab (Deadline 2021/10/07)

Prof. Kawakatsu Lab

Title : Application of ultra-high-sensitivity Atomic Force Microscopy techniques to acoustic and force sensing of the gamete

Application :

Deadline : 2021/10/07

Profile of candidate: The candidate is expected to have experience in experimental physics. It is favourable if the candidate has experience in setting up his/her own apparatus. Candidates from such fields as chemistry and biology are also welcome, though they would need to learn aspects of sensing, measurement and data analysis. An energetic researcher ready to cross frontiers of different domains are sought for. The project is looking for candidates with a strong background in instrumental sciences, electronics, basic optics, modelling and data analysis. Preferred experiences, though not mandatory are, imaging with atomic force microscopy and microscopy in biology, electronic circuit design and fabrication

JSPS Post-Doc Position in Pr Takahashi Lab (Deadline 2021/10/07)

Prof. Takahashi Lab

Title: Nanoscale Characterization on Solar Cell Materials Using Novel Scanning Probe Methods

Application and details :

Application deadline : 2021/10/07

Profile of candidate: Candidates are expected to have a background of semiconductor physics, and have interests in nanotechnologies/nanoscience. Skills on scanning probe techniques and/or small signal measurements will be helpful. A challenging sprit would help a lot for tackling this interdisciplinary and cutting-edge research area. The prospective postdoctoral researcher should understand the operation principle of the scanning probe microscopies and learn electrical and/or optical characterization methods using them. Then, he or she is supposed to start a more systematic work on the nano-scale characterization on the semiconductor materials, on micro-crystalline solar cell and organic solar cell materials, in order to understand their properties, which are expected to contribute to finding the guidelines for developing a novel solar cell with very high conversion efficiency.

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