Laboratory for Integrated

Micro-Mechatronic Systems

Mapping complex biochemical systems with droplets

A team of LIMMS researchers led by Yannick Rondelez and hosted in the microfluidic laboratory of Pr Fujii has developed a technique to map in details the behavior of complex biochemical systems.

The microfluidic platforms allows the collection of about 10,000 data points per day, an increase by two orders of magnitude over classical techniques. Building on this throughput, the researchers have been able to see experimentally bifurcation diagrams that had only been seen through simulations. The paper presenting this research has just been published by Nature Chemistry.

See also the French release by CNRS, the Japanese release by IIS, and the english release by the UTokyo press office. This research is also highlighted by CNRS News.

Mapping complex biochemical systems with droplets
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