Laboratory for Integrated

Micro-Mechatronic Systems

LIMMS-iLite Tokyo workshop February 2nd 2018


February 2nd 2018, Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo, Room, An 401-402

iLite guest lists:
– Pr Bruno Lepioufle (Biochip and electrical engineering)
– Pr Cecile Legallais (Bioartificial organs, director of UMR 7338)
– Pr Anne Dubart Kupperschmitt (iPSC liver stem cell biology)
– Pr Muriel Vayssade (Tissue engineering and melanome)
– Pr Jean Charles Duclos Vallee (iLite project leader, Hepatinov director)

13h30 -13h35 Opening
13h35 – 14h55 Cellular biotechnology session, chaired by Pr. S. Takeuchi
13h35-14h05: iPS and liver stem cells by Pr. A. Miyajima
14h05-14h30: iPSC cholangiocyte cells Pr. D. Kupperschmitt
14h30-14h55: Tissue engineering and oncology by Pr. M. Vayssade
15h00 – 15h30 Coffee break and group picture
15h30 – 17h05 Hybrid Bio engineering session, chaired by Pr. A. Miyajima
15h30-16h00: CIBIS and Bio Hybrid engineering by Pr. S. Takeuchi
16h00-16h20: Microvessels on chip by Pr. Y. Matsunaga
16h20-16h45: Macroscale bioartificial organ by Pr. C. Legallais
16h45-17h05: Towards the electrical instrumentation of organ on chip by Pr. B. Lepioufle
17h05 -18h00 Informal discussion and closing

LIMMS-iLite Tokyo workshop February 2nd 2018
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