Laboratory for Integrated

Micro-Mechatronic Systems

Guillaume Gines and Roberta Menezes and Kaori Nara and Anne-Sophie Kirstetter and Valérie Taly and Yannick Rondelez

MicroRNAs, a class of transcripts involved in the regulation of gene expression, are emerging as promising disease-specific biomarkers accessible from tissues or bodily fluids. However, their accurate quantification from biological samples remains challenging. We report a sensitive and quantitative microRNA detection method using an isothermal amplification chemistry adapted to a droplet digital readout. Building on molecular programming concepts, we design a DNA circuit that converts, thresholds, amplifies, and reports the presence of a specific microRNA, down to the femtomolar concentration. Using a leak absorption mechanism, we were able to suppress nonspecific amplification, classically encountered in other exponential amplification reactions. As a result, we demonstrate that this isothermal amplification scheme is adapted to digital counting of microRNAs: By partitioning the reaction mixture into water …

Isothermal digital detection of microRNAs using background-free molecular circuit
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