JSPS Post-Doc Position in Pr Takahashi Lab (Deadline 2021/10/07)

Prof. Takahashi Lab

Title: Nanoscale Characterization on Solar Cell Materials Using Novel Scanning Probe Methods

Application and details : https://www.abg.asso.fr/fr/candidatOffres/show/id_offre/100198

Application deadline : 2021/10/07

Profile of candidate: Candidates are expected to have a background of semiconductor physics, and have interests in nanotechnologies/nanoscience. Skills on scanning probe techniques and/or small signal measurements will be helpful. A challenging sprit would help a lot for tackling this interdisciplinary and cutting-edge research area. The prospective postdoctoral researcher should understand the operation principle of the scanning probe microscopies and learn electrical and/or optical characterization methods using them. Then, he or she is supposed to start a more systematic work on the nano-scale characterization on the semiconductor materials, on micro-crystalline solar cell and organic solar cell materials, in order to understand their properties, which are expected to contribute to finding the guidelines for developing a novel solar cell with very high conversion efficiency.

JSPS Post-Doc Position in Pr Takahashi Lab (Deadline 2021/10/07)
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