Laboratory for Integrated

Micro-Mechatronic Systems

Pierre Didier and Nicolas Lobato-Dauzier and Nicolas Clément and Anthony J Genot and Yui Sasaki and Éric Leclerc and Tsukuru Minamiki and Yasuyuki Sakai and Teruo Fujii and Tsuyoshi Minami

Organic field‐effect transistors (OFETs) can be potentially employed to monitor cell activities for healthcare and medical treatment, because of their attractive properties such as ease of use, flexibility, and low‐cost manufacturing processes. Although current OFET‐based sensors are suitable for point‐of‐care testing, the establishment of real‐time monitoring methods is highly demanded to continuously monitor health conditions and/or biological cell activities. In this regard, we herein propose a microfluidic platform integrated with an extended‐gate type OFET for real‐time glucose monitoring. The detection mechanism of glucose depends on an artificial receptor phenylboronic acid and its boronate esterification. After the optimization of microfluidics for the OFET‐based sensor, we applied it to monitor glucose consumption and release in a model of pseudo liver cells. Random increase or decrease in changes of the …

A microfluidic system with an extended‐gate type organic transistor for real‐time glucose monitoring
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